Control’s Illusion

Putting it right, lined up
organized, categorized
systemized according to
some arbitrary rightness
flavor of the moment
• • •
Making it right, aligned
de-sensitized, stabilized
aggrandized according to
crowd norms individually
translated in bones for now
• • •
Then, hummingbird wings by
hovering and looking
blows the whole control illusion
in the flapping of tiny iridescent wing

Flitting Color

Flitting is generally
for butterflies
brilliant flowers
with powdered wing
or jewel throated hummingbirds
winging on with joyous speed
But now and again
my heart has been known
to flit among the sacred

and shine brilliantly colorful
with ecstasy

Yucca Hummer

Yucca Hummer

The Daily Napkin

Into the desolate places
of my life
Where no stinky bug
dared to tread,
No spiders set up web
and where only the crevices
carved by tears
bore evidence of green life
— into those desolate places
of my psyche —
there flew a hummingbird
hovering before my face
and awakening my heart