She invited me
into her heart, her home…
the center of her life.
There, the loveliness
of her elder spirit, quite
rooted in the Joy of her
exuberant little girl,
shown in quiet simplicity
through every detail.
Humbled, I am, by her
solid brilliance.


Humble Be

The plight of the humble me
buzzes around like a bumbling insect
sharing fertile, fluffy pollen willy-nilly
or so it would seem
Sometimes, it sticks
bearing right-sized fruit
Other times, it does not
Loud and willful barrenness
where twigs once sprouting die
Apparent patterns shimmer
among the dappled sunlight
shadows play in humility
 ever dancing past the music’s end…

Elder King

Held up by his crown
of silver earned by years
the ethereal golden crown sits
The double-crowned elder king
accesses wisdom unfound
and unheeded in younger years
He wields power beyond brawn
and physical circumstance
I honor the elder king’s powers of
reflection and realization
humbleness and compassion 
and others born of both 
gold and shadowed silver…
For This Moment

For This Moment

For this moment
I am open to guidance
as I remember to breathe in
the energy of life
and listen to the small, still voice
For this moment
I am grateful in every cell
for the wonderful gift of life
and the blessings showered upon me
right now
For this moment
I remember the power of humility
to heal me, keep me right-sized
and open the door to joy


Big clouds, multi-hued and tasty
lumbering across the blue blue
drawing folks into exuberance
Filling the senses dramatic
and promising to spit in our eyes
In light of the skyfest above us
in the Spirit of colossal display
I think humbly of my own little bit part
And my spine stretches taller to say
“I am here and I own I am a part of this”
I am grateful to be alive today