The Journey

The Journey

The Journey
You may find exhilarating storms of hope
placid lakes of indifference
and rushing streams of joy
still throughout your intrepid journey
the constant thread stitches all
together in the heart


Can the heart hold any more?
So much love, so much joy
connections, re-connections
family spirit to Spirit
Friends old and just met
the splendor of nature at dawn
the cracking open heart
• • •
A touchstone experience
The heart’s reminder
penetrating, concentrated joy
feeds the soul in years to come
a lifetime of preciousness

Heart and Meaning

I am in touch
with what has heart and 
meaning for me
I live in harmony
with my deepest values
Spirit is the heart
and meaning in my life
Positively blessed

A Foundation of Integrity

A promise kept, even to oneself
like steel girders
a strong skeleton makes
With flesh of love
and sinew of courage
how far a trek one can make
Traversing any sullen landscape
with passionate heart
and sustained encouragement
in perpetual motion

Gold Lamé

The healed seams in his aura
glistened like gold lamé
his broken heart mended
The story they told was old
of life with good wife
and other exterior props
The truth shone through
from a deeper bond –
his hard work and Spirit
In-filled joy is easy and bright…
*There is a practice among Japanese potters. When they fix a broken pot, they fill the crack with gold, honoring the experiences that caused the breakage, and  treating that breakage and subsequent repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.