Orchestra of Joy

Your body is an instrument
In Spirit’s orchestra
As you tune it,
The healing begins
Sing out all that
You don’t want
Blast it out
With a sound of Joy

Lizard Dreams

Lizard puffed up in the grass
tried to look like a snake
On the rock, he stood still
-“freeze and they won’t see me”-
until we got too close
Then, he resembled a twig
in the strong wind
as he whizzed away
Survival looks many ways
when you’re small
Still, you can always grow a new tail
a new appendage of healing
Lizard dreams while sunning
while sunning on a nice warm, flat rock

Full Gut

Fork it!
That’s what I say…

Fork it
and eat it up
with great relish!

Life ‘tis
for full ingesting
so, feel that fullness in your gut


Down home humor
fills my gut

With the sweet ache
of so much laughter

That all “ails” me
is healed with glee

Softened Ear

Laying flat on the back
Arms stretched out

Eyes on the sky
And the birds passing by

Listening with softened ear
Buzzing bugs, barking dog

Birds and squirrels
Neighbor lady singing to herself


And all the while
Soaking up the healing

The nurturing, the loving
of Mother Earth

Year 3 Gratitude

She found that her gratitude
carried her out of any valley,
healed the pain
of any situation
She became grateful
for her gratitude