Souls Journey

Lifted up by jubilant voices
raised to a new level
in celebration and devotion

Our song of Life
expands and radiates
in proportions beyond mathematics


See those souls dancing
see their shining faces
as they journey ever onward
gathering harmony
along their way

Serenity Glade

Imagine a place beyond, if you will

Beyond skewed perceptions
beyond all judgments of you and me

There, in that glade with softened light
where dappled and delightful dwell
I’ve found moments of serenity

Bubbling creek of understanding running by
The sweet smell of harmony filling my senses

And ever present, the sounds
and caress of peace
softening my knowing with Love

Nimble Hearts

That big guy, all nimbly on his toes
pirouetted and sang wowza songs
You and I in harmony
soft shoe along, a part of a throng
A chorus of silliness
light heartedness, all nimbly too
• • • •
May we ever dance
All nimbly
Joined at the heart
Of joyousness