Black Bird Guidance

Walking down a new street

a bit timid, still moving feet

When big blackbirds, crows I think

came diving at my head, crawking and squawking

putting up a stink

Fear came and roosted

in my screaming countenance

waving arms and hands around my head

doing the scaredy-cat dance

Until I turned around

and chose a different street instead

As the Crow Walks

Speculating on the crows
those that lately let me know
that coyote medicine exists
even in the bird world

(which is actually the same world)


Hop, hop, look quick, hop
the big black bird
plays chicken with my car
hop, hop, quick look, stop

Right in the middle of the road


Crow has a message for me
I think I’ll pay attention

‘cause here comes a bunch of them…

The Gameplan

On top of my gameplan
all covered with grit
I got so frustrated
that I could just spit

The map that I clung to
was thrown to the side
as God is the pilot
I’m in for the ride

The adventure it has me
I think I’ll enjoy

instead of controlling
or getting annoyed…

(Try this one out to the tune of On Top of Old Smokey)

Cape of Dreams

He wore his dreams
like a cape of courage

Woven of conscious construct
from the fabric gifted
as visions from guidance

He walked with his head up high
through trepidation and every old story
told in whispered breath
by ghostly voices of the past

Thus, he sang his soul’s song…

Grand Life (Full Reign)

Grand Life (Full Reign)

Like a big happy face cartoon sun

every ounce of myself
was beaming joyousness at the world
My toes were dancing independently
and my cheeks were pinking
As my hands engaged
in the depths of creative fury
Life is grand when in sync
Everything is right
when I allow guidance
full joyous reign (and rein)