Grounded, Still Reaching for the Stars

Grounded – Still Reaching for the Stars

Plunked down to Earth
another one due to angel school

Ever energized and fed
cosmic energies flowing through

Joy response in the heart bubbles
up as circumspect as driblets do

No hesitancy detected nor intended
still reaching for the stars as they flew

Grounded each fiber of self rooted
through Earth to return as shiny beings anew 

Garden Lady

Garden Lady

Early Spring morning
Sunlight and fresh air
wafting through open window
Someone walking 
through the leaves
of last Fall
There stands Garden Lady
with two fists full
of bundled brown
Empowered joy
shining on her face
Barefoot on the Earth
and grounded
Hail, Spring!
–Marshal McKitrick


On the edge of the wild
Strawberries flourish
Wearing their seeds
Like porcupine spines
Where tame and free meet
Intersecting in rare moments
Of recognition and empathy
Our hearts mingled
One can be grounded without roots
Hair flailing in the wind
Two can spin and spin
In the twirling winds of change