Sequoia Dreamtime

Sequoia Dreamtime

Ancient massive trunks 
towering up to the sky
In your own dreamtime
of centuries passing
While temporal flashes 
of color and movement
from noisy two-leggeds 
and skittering chipmunks 
circulate around your roots
And ravens wing through the air overhead
I smell the subtle incense of your bark
as it glows reddish gold 
in the afternoon sunlight
And gaze up at all the unspoken mysteries
I will never know
May your roots be
ever wild and free, grandfathers,
as you reach for the stars of the cosmos…
–Marshal McKitrick
Image – Dena McKitrick


Our dreams, our vision
is Great Mystery
whispering our name
You are being quietly called…

Steady Heartbeat

There’s a mystery
surrounding the question

Of its origin, its destination
And so, she sat
with the what if’s
until her head was spinning

Yet always her heartbeat was steady

Spirit’s Tapestry

You are a thread…
in the tapestry of God’s presence

A note…
in the celestial symphony
of Great Spirit’s creative expression

And Great Spirit
is so in love with you

Mystery Blessing

No matter the name
whispered on softened breath
or shouted through winds of change

Whatever the precepts
concepts, laws and practices

Beyond comprehension
of human minds

The One, a great mystery
blesses us with life

I am grateful for the gift of life
Grateful for this day…