Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving

There is such an abundance of things to be thankful for…
I could start saying them right now,
continue speaking them every moment, every day
from here on
and not have finished on the day I died…
And so I do
Thank you for being part of this abundant life with me.
A Wave of Truth

A Wave of Truth

A wave of truth overcomes me

bubbling up with surges of joy

waving through my gut

altering all my understandings

• • •

How could I not be grateful?

I am awash in Love

Berry Berry Good

Life has been
berry, berry good to me
Juicy, luscious
so delicious
Even in winter
when berries are only
thinking of becoming
My mouth waters
as I discover anticipation
once more each year

• • •

What a gift is life!
What a treat are berries!
Once again, I am rendered
sense-more with gratitude

Flying and Angel Stuff

So many things fly to mind
when contemplating
the joys in life
Gratitude grows
when exercised
It’s in the exhilarating
dreams of joy
that we ourselves can fly
• • •
Angels don’t flit
rather they soar and glide
according to some perceptions
angels hover and sing
or something
Did you ever wonder 
if there’s angel aerobics?

Knotholes and Blemishes

Sometimes, we’re knotty
with each other
It’s at those times
that love emulsifies
Now we let the blemishes
blow away in the winds of forgiveness
and our  spirits can shine
through our hearts
While we go through
the knotholes of life together
softened by our gratitudes