Crucible of Life

Distilled essence emerges when still
having gone through the fire
Crucible of life
instilled with light
heat of passionate emotion
Deep thirst quenched
at the eternal spring 
spirit’s grace
Refreshing , soothing
awakened, still

Summer Morning

Sunlight trickled through the trees
tumbled lightly onto me
caressed my cheek with warmth
dappled my thoughts and senses
Awakened sparks in dewy moisture
left behind by sprinkler’s grace
and in steamy tears on my face
Remnants of joy’s expression
tattooing the cheeks
staccato rivulets
And, all the while, my spirit soared
brilliance conquers in dabs and shifts
until tickled trees dance laughing

Soul Essence

The sweet, sweet aroma
permeates everything
manna for the soul
Essence of heaven on earth
reminder of the sublime
Grace of nature’s flourish
In any of God’s gardens
The aroma soaks in
through every pore
tickles the subtle body
Softening, softening…

Spring of Life

One tiny thought
watered and sunned
nurtured and supported
Can become anything
your heart desires
So, just like a flower
the many petals of my soul
burst forth in beauty and grace
It is the Spring of life in this moment…

Red-Letter Day

joy, bliss, singing, dancing
and giggled phrases
all iron the soul smooth
essential indulgence builds
anti-gravity states of being
shuffled by divine grace
So, on this red-letter day
let red infuse you
with the energy of vital spirit
let cheerful readiness
soften the wrinkles
in your plans