Soul Gifts

Soul Gifts

Our gifts are meant
To stretch our capabilities
And stretching is
Always a challenge!
So, be attentive
To your soul’s joy
Let your soul’s delight
Be your compass
In Love, it’s begun…

Meadowlark Joy

To the little boy that plays today on his birthday, may your big heart soar!  

Meadowlark sings 

out of pure joy…

Joy of life

joy of the light

joy in the moment


You have unique gifts

to share with the world

and the world is waiting

Don’t deny the world,

don’t deny yourself

Mr. Jukebox

He’s got a jukebox in his head
Years of musical selections
Only the numbers wore off
long ago, long ago
So, it’s random selection
for most of us folks
still he has phonographic memory
and the music never dies
Play it again, man…