Gifts of Life

Once on the very tip
of my nose
a butterfly landed…
a kiss that blesses always
Precious are the gifts of Life
Life can be as dramatic
as a tragedy
and as exuberant
as a musical
Your choice…

This marks 1,000 posted napkins!!!

Life’s Gifts

In truth, the little bird
could barely contain his heart
Racing as it was
with his excitement
What surprises and gifts
life brings…

Part of

I must remember
‘midst the gnashing and fear
in the shadows of this world
that it is all love flexing
light waves dancing
presenting a gift of life
as I am
immersed in It
a part, a teeny tiny
infinitesimal part of All
Oh! The joy in that!

Bringing Peace

Once, years ago,
on a far off tropical isle
in a forest ranger building
built high up in trees
so wild pigs would not disturb
The woman who brings peace
foretold in name by her grandmother
was born by her mother
witnessed by her father
The soft island breezes
brought a friend and a stranger
women guided like the wise men
to see this gift to the world
She was destined
by the moon and stars
and cradled by the earth itself

The Feather Man

The feather man
could have chosen
to wear a crown, a blessed badge
To beat his chest
and play top of the heap
Instead, instead…
with open heart to open hearts
he gifted feathers, his treasure
To a circle of sisters
whom he did not know
And became all the richer
for giving his gifts…