Garden Lady

Garden Lady

Early Spring morning
Sunlight and fresh air
wafting through open window
Someone walking 
through the leaves
of last Fall
There stands Garden Lady
with two fists full
of bundled brown
Empowered joy
shining on her face
Barefoot on the Earth
and grounded
Hail, Spring!
–Marshal McKitrick

Marched Away Through April

March your conviction
borne of the heart
Into the garden
of joy and peace
There it blooms…
• • •
I am the seed
of peace in my life
As I send peace
out to the world

Dark Beauty

On wiles and impressivity
consider the tomato
from a dark and deadly family
evolved beauty fragrant and lovely
Could this be enlightenment?
Strength and vibrance
in plump and youthful countenance
celebrating life with all it’s being
not really a vegetable
rather a noisy fruit
with poison leaves
and native ancestors


spring forth
with new life
Delicate and tender shoots
stronger than muscle men
As they burst through
the hull and leap up
to greet the sun

Seed of Life

One thing
that always comes up
Is the little seed of Life
within each moment
Each situation
Each eternity…