Simply Incongruous

Some hairy clown in a tutu
stopped by to console
the agitated hippo stuck in the mud
• • •
How can one describe that
without seeming absurd?
Certainly some of life’s observations
are best kept impressed on the brain only
paying silent homage
to the appearance of reason and sanity

• • •

My brain takes it in
and spurts it out at odd times
Aw, heck!
Life is just silly, sometimes!
Father Peacock

Father Peacock

An Old Line Getting Older

The original pen sketch was done in an old (1990) sketchbook. There’s always been something about this piece that appealed to some of my senses. I have several times photocopied it and then colored it with crayons or colored pencils.  I decided to update it electronically by adding the element of digital color.  Still makes me laugh.

Funny Truth?

Isn’t it funny
how our minds think
we can do magic?
How we think
we can bend time
or travel instantaneously?
The even funnier part
is that we really can —
When we realize the truth
of our perceptions and being
Hot Seat

Hot Seat

Sally Sits


Sally likes to sit in her favorite chair to think through any problems or even self doubts. She’s always relied on the comforting plaid to add a certain organization to her thoughts and contemplations.  She calls it her “Hot Seat of Noble Intelligence. “

Other times, she just sits there and vegetates at the end of a long day.

Mock Turkey

Mock turkey
hiding in the grass
As his wattle wiggles
‘neath white beard and red hat
Pretending to be
what he is not
Mocking the people
and their eating beliefs
that they were taught
Merry thanks to you…