Ta Da!

Ta Da!
Today’s to do’s
are done, are done
And all the thinking throughs
have come and gone
And now what’s left
amongst the tailings
is fun, is fun
Twinkle-dee –doo
it’s some, it’s some
Big joyous experience
All One, all One…


In the mud
toes oozing with gobs of it
they sat encased in it
All about the serious BUSINESS
of caking it and making it
into pies and mad makeup
Or doing scientific experiments
on the ooze factor
Cool mud…hot days
In the Now

In the Now

Gladly involved in fun

and fun-ness inspired

tip-toeing on fence tops

chasing the twittering birds

as they flutter by

Silly is as silly does

even on task-ness

as in basking in the sun

Tail flicking at air nits

relaxed readiness…