Full Bucket

Fill your being
Like a bucket at the well
Every moment
You remember
Every day, every day
Peace, joy, bliss…
Drink it all in

Here and Now

most sneezes
bring one into
the here and now
whether held back
to a squeaky implosion
or allowed
full and juicy 
a full experience,
a sneeze
Ah-Ahhh- Ahhchoooooie!!!

Song of Life

He sang with all his heart
All his body, all his soul
resonating even in his toes
He sang his life for his life
for connection to the One
It is all, it is ALL
Beautiful, disparate, life
filled with grief and joy
pain and ecstasy
Every note dedicated
committed, filled with longing
He sang with all his heart…

Full Gut

Fork it!
That’s what I say…

Fork it
and eat it up
with great relish!

Life ‘tis
for full ingesting
so, feel that fullness in your gut


Down home humor
fills my gut

With the sweet ache
of so much laughter

That all “ails” me
is healed with glee

Tea Cup

A delicate, even dainty, tea cup
beautiful old style china
with a tiny chip on the lip

Sits on the glass shelf
on display in plain view

Inside a road map
drawn in brown-tiny cracks
and pits and stains
from years of daily use

Navigation through terrain
of heart and tears,
laughter and dreams

A treasure on the shelf of my memories