Can the heart hold any more?
So much love, so much joy
connections, re-connections
family spirit to Spirit
Friends old and just met
the splendor of nature at dawn
the cracking open heart
• • •
A touchstone experience
The heart’s reminder
penetrating, concentrated joy
feeds the soul in years to come
a lifetime of preciousness

Precious Weave

An old yarn dyed and tied
in knots anew
knitted brow expressing
heights and dips, ins and outs
The fabric of our lives
intertwined threads
laughter and friendship, sadness and joy
woven together in patterned colors
You are precious to the weave of my life
without you, the cloth would be
weaker, less intricate
With you woven in
my colors are complemented

Prosperity of Relationship

A lifetime collection of friends
a bulging pouch of beautiful jewels
a wealth of warmth and love
Each friend of many facets
sparkles in my mind
rises warmly as joy in my heart
An abundance of kindred souls
each one a priceless treasure 
fills me with deep gratitude
Thank you for standing with me
and walking beside me
holding me in your heart
helping me realize
the prosperity of relationship

Bunch of Hooey

A bunch of hooey!
(but not on my shooey)
Just throwing it around
as he relished the sound
of his own voice
All for the fun of it
like the Stooges woo-wooed it
or Laurel and Hardy danced it
when the camera was around
A lark in the park
or a laugh in the dark…
It all keeps us saying

She Changes Everything…

“She changes everything touches…
and everything She touches changes…”

Scurrying like a rabbit
up through fairy-lit mountain passes
rain and wind and trees dancing
The rainbow got more brilliant
with attention doubled
interacting traveling, too
And, as an exclamation point
lightening struck right through
the middle of the colors
In a circle of friends, wild hair flying
arms entwined as they communed
their voices rang out
A cacophony in unison
and the world shifted
in the blink of a miracle