Walking Together

Arm in arm or
Hand in hand or
Side by side or
Together in Spirit
We walk our own paths
our separate unique paths
Supporting, encouraging, nurturing
loving, playing, cajoling

• • •

Just saying, “Thank you”
for your part of Us

Happy Winter Gift

Instead of our normal e-cards this year we are offering up here the words of several past napkins with Dena’s images and accompanied by our Soul’s Journey band singing our original song called Unconditional Love.  It was our first attempt, and there are many things that could be done differently, however, we have decided to release this video with unconditional love, recognizing that it is evidence of our sweet journey!

May you be blessed with an abundance of joy, peace, harmony, and community, surrounded by love!!

Sweeping Smile

Whenever she thought
about him

Without the slightest hesitation
a smile swept across her being

As her heart empathized
with Love’s energy

Sweet Friendship

They sprinkled spices
on their friendship
and a bit of sweetness, too

Every time they escaped
the mundane ho-hum
thoughts of each other

Dancing instead
out the side door

into the lovely sunlight

Deja Vu

After these years together
as some sparkling new day begins
so many times I notice
it’s déjà vu all over again

Familiarity, it seems
(at least, in our experience)
causes not contemptuous lip

Instead a deepening of Love

With new eyes, I see you again
a whole new being with tender spots
and blossoming heart
Ever richer connection