Prosperity of Relationship

A lifetime collection of friends
a bulging pouch of beautiful jewels
a wealth of warmth and love
Each friend of many facets
sparkles in my mind
rises warmly as joy in my heart
An abundance of kindred souls
each one a priceless treasure 
fills me with deep gratitude
Thank you for standing with me
and walking beside me
holding me in your heart
helping me realize
the prosperity of relationship

Friendly Distraction

That little flying
no-see-um guy
That used to bug him
all the time
Was really a friend
who taught him to concentrate
in the face of distraction

Face of the Divine

And so, the one reflects the other
in essence, if not circumstance
bound by threads of common theme
and modes of seeking truth
I saw there
in the perfect light
your face in all

A visage of Divine
uncompromising beauty

Life Chef

Life Chef

A chef of Life, he is
a concoctor of rich flavor
tasty and extraordinary
Every tidbit, every moment
is worth savoring
Each morsel of Life
is filled with the love
from his strong heart
And would please
even the most discerning palate

Man of Integrity

Walking in integrity
Loving each day
with every fiber

He is a harbinger
of integrity
and a gift
to this world

(*Special note: Today is Marshal’s birthday and he is 57 years old. Huzzah!)