and Tweedle-Dum
are neither dumb, nor dee
That’s just what we call them
based on what we see
Labels and judgments

are only perceptions
stacked and codified

Release, let go of what you know
Set recognition free

Finding Joy

The sophisticated climate
in the room with Auntie Mae
prods the rebellious spirits
like squirrels come out to play
It’s the nature of the child
in the company of my aunt
to break free of her stuffiness
and her rules that say, “You can’t”
In a field of possibilities
on the path up to the rise
it’s the squeezy places that inspire
for there, we’re forced to think it twice
May you find the joy in any challenges today!

Window to Her World

Like invisible cellophane
the window to her world
would flex and move
with her every movement,
yet restricted and
kept her from
the full experience…
Until the day
she closed her eyes
and stepped outside
She awoke to brilliance that day…

Furlough Friday

Furlough Friday

these days of unknown
some time
the fish out of water
learned how to breathe
up-leveled to a new species
the state of amphibians
leaping to new