Knotholes and Blemishes

Sometimes, we’re knotty
with each other
It’s at those times
that love emulsifies
Now we let the blemishes
blow away in the winds of forgiveness
and our  spirits can shine
through our hearts
While we go through
the knotholes of life together
softened by our gratitudes

Natural Beauty

Sunlight sparkles
off the tiny ripples
As I wade slowly
in the still and peaceful
pond of forgiveness
No jewel exists
more precious
or more beauteous
No gracious gift
more treasured
Hearts flutter like butterflies

The Key

Forgiveness and compassion
is the key which opens
the lock in my heart

Open the door
and let Love shine

Illuminate my world
all the time

“Use the key,” I say to me
“Use the key.”

Pond of Forgiveness

Bathing in the pond of forgiveness
near the meadow
out beyond right and wrong

There is no other peace
like immersing self
in those still waters

Birds chirping overhead
warmth of the loving sun
ready to enfold me
like a babe in arms

Soft fertile Earth
ready to foster
and nurture new growth
softened by my salty tears
and seeded by my timid smiles


Full of gratitude
for blessings
Filled with love
and peace
in any form
Forgiveness, alive and well
grants joyousness
A step through the door
into Grace