Can the heart hold any more?
So much love, so much joy
connections, re-connections
family spirit to Spirit
Friends old and just met
the splendor of nature at dawn
the cracking open heart
• • •
A touchstone experience
The heart’s reminder
penetrating, concentrated joy
feeds the soul in years to come
a lifetime of preciousness


Family – 
(those who reside
in our heart of hearts)
is constantly expanding
to include all that is…
• • •
all of nature

is smiling at us
this day
It feels good
to smile back

Mystery Singing

Wolf naturally

runs in the pack

being a family person

a tribe person

the rogue only so

while unmated

Howling, singing

to the mystery

is his delight

Enter the Circle

Enter the Circle

Enter the circle
in a humble way
patting the earth
Enter the circle
as we join to pray
joining voices together
For in the circle
on the plane of life
all are equal, all are family
all are welcome
Enter the circle
in the medicine way