Recycled, Re-Used, Re-Purposed

recycled passages
torn from fragile pages
a history in parchment
flaking and handled
over and over
by avid and bored alike
re-used emotions
whispering in the heart
filling gaps of loneliness
tempering in steamy clouds
the raw and capable
instigating choices
re-purposed livelihood
skitters on the frying pan
tickling the temple
exciting like new blood
surging through veins
of loveliness and grace


Highlighting the big Ta-dah!
or maybe the fancy schmancy To Do
excites and appeals in a positive way
Whereas, all the falderal
the adrenaline rush
of hyper-fearful fictions
The negative spin
the gossipy trash
seems to sell big
As it’s adding excitement
to the roller coaster ride called Life

Excitement of Being

Can you handle it?
The excitement, the buzz, the adrenaline
the rush of being all you’re meant to be
doing what you were made to do


When it’s all flowing right
and you’ve pushed through
your self-made limitations

There your Spirit shines

I guess I need sunglasses!

Life’s Gifts

In truth, the little bird
could barely contain his heart
Racing as it was
with his excitement
What surprises and gifts
life brings…