Another Beginning

Rookie ‘til the end
For it’s an eternal
ever now beginning
And the “end” is actually
(let’s not mistake it for otherwise),
another beginning

• • •

A wise one said sagely
to stay in beginner’s mind
How could one not?
Since each and every single moment
is, in itself, a new beginning

An Eternal Moment of Love

Angels singing
with the mourning dove
wakes me to the new day
whispering my name
my real name…
the praying mantis
is always praying 
every moment
with every part of its being
Such is living in the now
In the Now
I eternally love life

Change. Happens.

Oops!  A change!
It happens without warning sometimes….
Like the bud popping open
the moment of conception
or the flash of epiphany
Change.  Happens.
Oh, what a glorious ride
(Life = Change)
Flowing along
in the eternal 
now moment of change

Seed of Life

One thing
that always comes up
Is the little seed of Life
within each moment
Each situation
Each eternity…

In This Moment

a single moment is enough

Within that tiny moment
worlds floating in eternity

A joy bigger
than this soul could imagine

The moment of inspiration
The moment of conception
The moment of birth
The moment of death

And every single moment between…