As my thoughts concluded
I got on with the busyness of the day
Once hatched…
epiphanies take on a life
of their own
multiplying exponentially
Layers upon layers
they will build up
and mix it up until
perceptual palate
is saturated


Fickle Feathers

Like feathers falling
from who knows where
Thoughts and other mental activities
drifted upon the corners
nooks and craniums
Touched down in silent celebration
jubilant in a mute kind of way
a gaggle of possibilities
tickled inferences
While the occasional spackle
plopped and gurgled
a means of providing
to otherwise fickle 
feathered ideas

One of Countless First Steps

Opening to receive
an abundance of all good
is a service to everyone
As it clears the channels
of give and receive circulation
the lifeblood of thriving
The blossoming of a life’s path
the brilliance of epiphany
the miraculous unfolding
The current first step
on the journey of a lifetime

Start Your Engines

In the company of the Muse
And a troupe of her affiliates
(or is it her initiates?)
The air vibrates with enthusiasm
Creative epiphanies sparking
In the air like mini-lightning
One session –  a jolt from the starter
Revved up for a daytrip of ideas
Regular gatherings
Keep the engines running
On a symbiotic think fuel
And maintained by heart mechanics

Buddy Fun

Me and my best buddy
are easily entertained
It doesn’t take much
for the Muse to strike us
with ideas – two- four or many
Flinging epiphanies
singing new songs
giggling at each other
Oh, my!  It’s so much fun!