I wonder…
Is enlightenment
like popcorn…?
One moment,
I’m this hard, sunny seed
Then, POP…
I’m full bloom enlightened?
If so, turn up the heat!

Awake Once

Once, and only once
we achieve enlightenment
Awake with the very fiber
of our being
Once, each nanosecond
that we are fully alive


Awareness tickled my concepts
with utmost precision
Seeking to cause
abandonment to enlightenment
In the meantime
tiny little piece
of a nano-second
That’s all it takes to realize
that you’re already enlightened
and always have been

Dark Beauty

On wiles and impressivity
consider the tomato
from a dark and deadly family
evolved beauty fragrant and lovely
Could this be enlightenment?
Strength and vibrance
in plump and youthful countenance
celebrating life with all it’s being
not really a vegetable
rather a noisy fruit
with poison leaves
and native ancestors

Fortunate Folly

Fortunate folly:
She tripped on her thoughts
fell into a pile of epiphanies
and awoke into enlightenment


One time is all it takes
to awaken to enlightenment

After that, one can only nap
no more going
completely unconscious