The top of the thing
Came off
With the flip of the…
With the zip of the…
On the hip of the…
Told by the lip of the…
Does it really matter how?
Are any implications ready?
Will it hold steady?
No longer so heady
The details are merely details
The emotions are the heart of it

Emotional Tsunami

A wave of emotion
an ocean tsunami
storms uprising
or deeper movement
Surprising the sun
with jewel-like reflections
Appearing playful
or angry or brutal
hiding fear in the reactions of others

When done, washed through

all is changed and clear…

Feelings Freed

Left hidden and locked in darkened corners
once wild and tempestuous feelings
fester and wart, crust and bubble
do their part to age brittle bones
the bars of ancient cages

Set free by a change of mind
coaxed out into the sunlight
reluctant and limping at first
they return to natural ethereal selves
here one moment, gone the next
willing to awaken our life

Organic Feelings

She tells her stories
With big engagement
Ensconced in the drama
Riding along the emotions
It’s so real
Until the day
Immersed in silence
The bliss overwhelming
Detachment was born
She tells the stories
As if, as if
Digging into the rich soil
Organic feelings
Harvested by wisdom’s hands
Tasty, juicy tomato tales

Energy in Motion

Emotion overtook
like an insistent force of Nature
Whipping the hair around
banging on pots and pans
in a blustery outburst

• • •

It would be work, they say
and so it is true
as the gut hurt
as emotions flew
And, afterwards, in the wake
as peace overcame
and all wiped clean
crisp after the blessed storm