Group Hug

Group hug time!

Reaching with hands to hands
both tenuous and bold
In-filling with the love
-that each of us seeks-
-that each of us is
Until our mutual love battery
Is fully charged
and hugging the entire planet
With love and more love
From us kids to the
big, beautiful, loving Mother Earth!

Lush Planet

How would it be
To live on your own
Little lush planet?
A veritable Garden of Eden
Where you could come and go
As you please
In fact – you do!

Rising Sun

In the wheel on the earth
midst the path of our own lives
A new song of praise
rose from your heart
Shared and released
for humans and other creatures
above, below, and afar
We held hands and prayed
for peace, for love
for balance everywhere
And we welcomed

the rising sun on a new day

Lightening Rod of Love

Stomping on the earth
bare toes hugging clods

Vibrations vibrating
giving massage to the loving
big and beautiful mother Earth

Arms raised toward clouds
as they flitter by —

Becoming a lightening rod of love
connecting above and below

Floating on this planet
in the midst of all creation

South – The Southern Dancer

South – The Southern Dancer

Stones of Change header
South - the southern dancer

Southern Dancer Stone

The Southern Dancer is a fancy dancer – Rainbow woman. She reflects the Northern lights in her skirts, where they fold and mesmerize as she twirls and kicks to the drum beat of the Mother heart. The light is set free into its myriad colors by her prismatic visage . All of the aspects of a persons life-walk are reflected here.

The South is the Physical Direction. It has to do with innocence, children, animals, and physical reality. Although one might think this is mundane or straightforward, the rainbow in her skirt reminds us of the ability of physical reality to transform at anytime; that physical reality is the world of appearances, and that those appearances are transitive.