All the seams unzipped
(nothing really ripped)
just fell apart neatly
As if an alarm had gone off
and everything jumped to
It is the time to re-assess
reform with regard
and reassemble
Discover a more efficient
assemblage of components

Our Story

When I tell my story
there are parts
that you resonate with
And, as you tell yours,
I experience the same
As we dive deep into
into the stories
we discover it is
the same story
from a different angle
Our story…
a jewel, a many petaled lotus…

Funny Truth?

Isn’t it funny
how our minds think
we can do magic?
How we think
we can bend time
or travel instantaneously?
The even funnier part
is that we really can —
When we realize the truth
of our perceptions and being

Slow and Steady

Slow and steady works best

when slogging through

the mud of Life

(Unless, one has perfected

tiptoeing across the top…)

Muddled and cuddled

by squishy earth and water

the stuff of dreams or nightmares

And, great for the skin

with other immediate benefits

even as it sucks you in

Just when I thought
I was too deep in mud

The water softened
revealing rocks beneath

And, sun above, cheering
cleared my way
slow and steady

And tenacity arrived
at a brighter day

Spice of Life

Everything inter-related
speaking from a wider view
Talks of all the similarities
the differences
the unique individual natures
Ah, the spice of Life…!