Fear’s Surrender

Flipping through choices
like a rolodex gone awry
Amazed, eyes glazed over
overwhelmed by abundance
Scared rabbit
deer in the headlights
In that moment
peace rises to the top

Wild Places

In the wild places
where civilization
and wilderness coincide
co-reside and co-exist
Bears take a stroll
in the parking lots
deer eat the pansies
and coyotes track kitty cats
There in that place
wild artists chalked beauty
And a happy porcupine
observed with flying prickles
leaning on elbows
in his wild west wagon of joy…

Dancing Heart

Sensing something different
she held perfectly still
as perfectly as she could
While her dancing heart
contemplated this new
experience of transition
Intrepid dreamer
awakening to a fresh day
doe eyes drifting into focus
Riding on the hem
of vision’s misty cloak

Eternity of Gratitude

One foggy morning…
a stillness had overcome me
Not silence, for I could hear their breathing
I looked up and was surrounded
an honoring, a peaceful moment
One small eternity of gratitude
welling in my heart
Then, a noisy neighbor
startled deer into flight

Deer Guard

In the icy fog at dusk
an intrepid herd of deer
await the arrival with patience
And stolid fortitude in silence
gathered for confidence
mingling by habit
Deer at the gate
lay me down
Under abundant apple trees
as I silently wait
Innocent strength here
arrives in silent vigil
Keeper of the faith