Forever Bright

Even behind the
Darkest clouds
The sun shines
Bright as ever
And, even in
The darkest heart
Spirit shines bright forever

Porch Light

When the light fell on the porch
As twilight descended
And the birds all nestled down
Muted colors and sharp shadows
Slowly transmuted into starkness
At dawn, it is a softening
Until the sunlight’s brilliance
A slow awakening
Until kissed by the warmth
Of his light

Dance of Life

In the cosmic dance
the partners swing out
away from each other
Then, like magnets
are drawn back together
in a great spiral
The Earth she is returning
to the light that is our Father
Blessed be the
dance of Life

Shadow Love

Our shadows wish to be
a part of our lives
to be respected and included
as they call out for Love
And, as we open
the door to Spirit
the Light comes flooding in
Softening our shadows
and awakening our sight…


Starman stands on the brink
toes sunk into fertile soil
Arms outstretched
fingers tickling his beloved stars
Above, below, around, through
the twinkling light
dances with its shadow self
The Yin and Yang
ever twining, ever spinning
as Starman sees between