Perennial Intentions

Like weeds, the new intentions
sprouted and bolted up
thirsting for the light
And in the drought
of daily humdrum browned
laid over fallow
Chewed and turned
visited by critters
of the Earth
new fodder
for a new crop of intentions
Cultivated, watered, cared for
richer, slower growing


In these times of big change
the fertile field of possibilities
flourishes into full bloom
abundant blossoming
Even as the ground shadows
of Spirit give up final harvest
prepared for fallow months
and ready to rejuvenate
Like Yin and Yang
cycling around
bearing fruit of all flavors

Tomato Sublime

One spent tomato plucked late from the vine
still retains a semblance of a happier time
When Sun and water, soil and and breeze combined
to contribute to a flavor, oh so sublime
• • • … • • •
The juice it runs down the chin
a renegade seed upon the cheek
The heady tomato smell fills the nose
Oh, gosh, a fresh tomato tastes fine
• • • … • • •
Summer is headed toward waning
some leaves are thinking of browning
Still, tomatoes are harvested everywhere
going out now to the garden to get mine

Daily Delights

Pineapple guava aka feijoa
A delightful surprise
just showed up one day
Life is full of delights like that
They just show up unexpectedly
So, enjoy the daily harvest of life

as it keeps manifesting in your life