One teeny weeny
little bitty
tiny nanosecond
contains it all!  (Everything…)
Yet, there is no container
large enough
to hold Spirit’s
love for all of creation


When you look at
all of the galaxy
all that we are aware
of actually existing
Just think how much
it resembles the spark of life
within an atom
Creation is awesome…

Five Short Minutes

How much can be done
in five short minutes?
A poem, a song, a sketch,
a dance, conception
A birth, break something, fix something
love, live, die…
Every moment is an eternity
Living in the moment
is living now

Growing Thought

One itsy bitsy
teeny weeny
little bitty thought
Doesn’t change much
‘til it grows up
Or catches onto
the bootstrap
of some powerful emotion

then WATCH OUT!!!

Lotus Petals

Little abalone lotus
teaches me about life
“Aah – Baloney!” it says
when faced with illusion
Still, the lotus is lovely
the many petals reflecting
all the colors of creation