Beginner’s Mind

Coyote pup
teaches us
of beginner’s mind
Always trying new things
and frequently falling
on his face
He just gets back up
and begins anew

Wild Places

In the wild places
where civilization
and wilderness coincide
co-reside and co-exist
Bears take a stroll
in the parking lots
deer eat the pansies
and coyotes track kitty cats
There in that place
wild artists chalked beauty
And a happy porcupine
observed with flying prickles
leaning on elbows
in his wild west wagon of joy…

Coyote’s Cry

Coyote once came sneaking around
sniffin’ a bit all about town
with a wink and a nod
prepared to get down
Sneaky, persistent, and loyal, too
Coyote knew what Coyote knew
and his tail waving high
fooling more than few
As the sun prepared to leave the sky
Coyote, well fed, looked in my eye
leaned back head and let loose
like a stylish young girl, his vivacious cry

Crazy Old Coyote

Crazy old Coyote man
slunk around
hiding in plain sight
Watching the silly two-leggeds
as they danced their silly dances
with such serious faces
• • • ○ • • •
Crazy like brother fox
he slipped between bushes
full of his favorite berries
Behind moss covered boulders
no weight upon his shoulders
Observing, smiling, thriving
in his version of the natural world

Tricky Coyote

Coyote gets a bad rap…
He’s just excited about everything
The only one he really tricks
is himself
Then when he falls
he gets up again
dusts himself off
and takes off again
Like Don Quixote
or dandelions or cockroaches…