Heart’s Courage

The machinist wept organically
having fallen from eagle’s grace
Bravado continues to control things
instead, fell on his face
• • •
It’s tough when you think
you know stuff and how
to put them all together
To instead allow release in surrender
letting God make it better
Vagueness of obstruction
an aspect of disconnect
Clarity of purpose hinged
on actions of the heart’s courage

Courageous Love

The toughest part
of soft velvet nights
when stars multiply
the senses?
The awe burgeons
chest feels as if
it will explode and
cry forever in spicy joy
Can taste buds ever forgive
sweet yearning curls?
as one more baby arrives?
yet another fragile blossom unfurls?
Courageous love rears
and stands confident amongst the stars

Seeking Faith

It didn’t take a whole lot of effort
or even a moderate amount of thinking
to get to the edge of the cliff
the jumping-off spot
Where you’d like as not stop
to relish the fat fear
while seeking faith
in all the nooks and crannies
Where the words
could not prop you up
trepidating, vacillating
imitating courage
Until you were ready to leap
and lean on your wings

No Limitations

The inch worm has
its advantages in life
He knows how far
he can stretch each step
We, however, have
no such limitations

What is Bravery?

With butterflies inside
heart up in the throat
She climbed up 4 stories
on steep, slippery shakes
Shaking in her tennis
quaking in her resolve
Still, she stayed to close up 
the peak – the very top
Birds singing all the while
soft breezes blowing in a storm