Rainbow Bridge

I am
sunlight dancing on leaves
sweet aroma of Spirit
the Word alive

You are
soft mist curling on still pond
crisp watermelon scent of cut grass
murmured whisper

We are
rainbow bridge in constant motion
earthy smell of fresh loam
spoken intentionally

Surrounding Fog

Surrounding Fog

Sound carries in muted fog
mist surrounding all
Blanketing the senses
hiding the sun
Providing intimate space
in wide open areas
There are times
my mind is fogged
Providing the perfect opportunity
to listen
To the muted sound
of Spirit

Life’s Symphony

Filled with the knowing of it
and surrounded by the love
He rested peacefully in the silence
and listened with a smile on him
Just so — the symphony of his life
the full-bodied flavor rich
intense expression of his highest self
Was borne upon the instruments
and born of the Spirit of him
as he guest-conducted his life work
All the while, his life worked…