Powerful Seed

The awesome power
within one little seed
Grows into the magnificence of life
expressing fully
Every conscious thought
is such a seed…
Plant a magnificent garden today


A little-known fact:
Even the tiniest bit of consciousness
(such as that in a grain of sand)
manifests physical reality
in a magnificent way
You are truly magnificent!


Though inspired in the moment
her words sounded well thought out
•  •  •
I invite you to invest yourself
in an opportunity to co-create
conscious community
By engaging:
in this activity
in this group
in this moment
in your true passion
in Life!!!
Investing… NOW!

I Am Peace

Remind me again
where’s the peace?
The piece of the universe
in which I inhabit
on any given moment
Where I Simply Am
all doing aside
That place which is everywhere
surrounding and throughout
consciously acknowledged
is Peace

New Patterns

Flapping in the wind
her web is flapping
That human didn’t notice
in her unconsciousness
And destroyed
a full days work
Hmm, spider wonders,
could I create a different
pattern this time….?