Slow and Steady

Slow and steady works best

when slogging through

the mud of Life

(Unless, one has perfected

tiptoeing across the top…)

Muddled and cuddled

by squishy earth and water

the stuff of dreams or nightmares

And, great for the skin

with other immediate benefits

even as it sucks you in

Just when I thought
I was too deep in mud

The water softened
revealing rocks beneath

And, sun above, cheering
cleared my way
slow and steady

And tenacity arrived
at a brighter day

God Line

“Don’t get snagged for long,” she said
“on sharp little thoughts
Aggrieved or spent
In consternation’s path
For every pulled thread
Provides a God line
A reminder of our humanity
And still the weaving
Warp and weft
Continues to describe
The pattern of our lives.”

Road of Happy Destiny

On the road of happy destiny
wearing joy faces with pizzazz
our hearts are intertwined
in sentiment’s design

Whether we march or skip or leap
makes naught a difference
for the eloquent camaraderie
a snappy rhythm keeps

Intended by a promise
to keep each other’s company

It’s so much fun going there
and traveling home again…

Grateful Toes

I am grateful for my toes
As they wiggle to and fro

And help me keep my balance
As I walk my path in life

Sometimes I just move tippy-toe
Rooting with each light step

Aware of the living connection
Held onto the earth in toe’s grip

Other times I treat my toes
To a walk in the grass or mud

Giving thanks to them
For helping make life so good

Ephemeral Presents

Cellophane passages
written in bright
Fill up the daytime
carve through the night
It isn’t for me to know
nor ever to be
It wasn’t forever
nor ours to keep
Ephemeral presents
continually new
Patchwork consciousness
woven intently for you