Contaminated by the Love Bug
their tactics were incorrigible
unpredictable and unstoppable
It was as if they were driven
by a superhuman power
Bouts of uncommon compassion
tainted thoroughly by wave after wave
of unconditional love
spreading virally
The fresh outbreak took on
pandemic proportions
leaving them all in a state
of overwhelming bliss

Languish Quietly

Never mind
the mindless chatter
Nor the laws of men
against Nature
born of control issues
in pursuit of greed or power
Let them languish quietly instead
bellies up, laying in the grass
on a field of understanding
Surrounded by compassion
and the sweet aroma of hope

Elder King

Held up by his crown
of silver earned by years
the ethereal golden crown sits
The double-crowned elder king
accesses wisdom unfound
and unheeded in younger years
He wields power beyond brawn
and physical circumstance
I honor the elder king’s powers of
reflection and realization
humbleness and compassion 
and others born of both 
gold and shadowed silver…

Waves of Love

Until the last song is sung
our voices rejoice
in the expression of life
As we ride the waves
of love and compassion
in the ocean of life today
Surf’s up!

Out for a Sail

Like sailors flying over waves
of emotion and other liquid dramas
Compassion and empathy…
compatriots in many circles
Rode aloft the sleeve
of unconditional love
Stiff breezes flapping the hair
and their cheeks with brisk splashes of reality