Many bubbles attached
to each other
Like a chain of mail
or a gathering of
adolescent girlfriends
Each complete within itself
some floating free
most huddled together
Ah, such are our lives!
See the rainbows?


Oh, the honoring!
to have a concert of your own
Held up high by friends and supporters
fans and admirers
Ah, such glory! 
Every individual
should experience such an honoring
in their own way
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Part Of

One day,
Frog discovered
As he was more willing
To open to others
The “ribbit” concerts
Grew more beautiful
And he felt fuller
And more part of…

Spirit Tree

Roots spread wide and deep
community sprung up
a strong tree with thick branches

Let us sing in the shade
of the ever dancing leaves

 Let us rise up and move as one
in the varied winds of change
Let us be a blessing
bearing fruit

for all our sustenance

Warm Colors

Warm colors gusting past
and falling on heads
drifting into the corners
softening rigid lines

In the circle of community
each is held up
surrounded by soft edges
and warm colors

Like leaves, we drift
to fill in gaps with love
and support for each other…