Babies are babies
no matter what animal
And the cuteness factor
quadruples the chances
for adults to emerge
The innocence of beginner’s mind
is open and attractive
And the pristine thought patterns
quadruple the chances
for inspiration to be sparked


Oh, the honoring!
to have a concert of your own
Held up high by friends and supporters
fans and admirers
Ah, such glory! 
Every individual
should experience such an honoring
in their own way
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Freedom Dance

It began in the molten rock

Arose a rumble from a thrum
vibration deep and slow

Refined by Spirit’s attention
to a tingling tickling at her surface

As dancing feet connected
incited to interpret freedom

As voices allowed
sacred sound as song

A continuum, a connection
a refinement of expression
rising out from the Earth

Human Hearts

Far off in a land
distant and strange
in a time long forgotten

there were people
who had lives of experience
and emotions much like ours

The human experience

Hearts of love

Seven Years of Blessings

On the path to Nirvana
in the world of mundane
There I met a traveler
with visions much the same

The more we shared our stories
and lessons we had learned
we discovered mutual interests
as well as bridges we had burned

On the road together
for oh, so many seasons
my love for you just gathers
for quickened hearts own reasons
A blessing in this lifetime
My joy with you keeps growing
I’m grateful for you, my partner
and for listening to inner knowing

• • • •

Today we celebrate 7 years of marriage. We have been recognizing that a lot of life’s cycles run in 7 year increments so we have been consciously defining the changes of our relationship, and thereby experiencing a great deepening of the richness of it. Happy anniversary, my love.