A rattle rattled me
I was rattled top to bottom
Even my little eyebrow hairs
shook free of the debris
Built up over the
times of non-action
Oooh – to renew
with the tickle
of a rattle…

Unfettered Wings

Ever mindful of promises made
the way was strewn with items kept
like offal on the tides of emotion

The counters stack them
categorized and labeled
as if they have value
in the scheme of things

As if traces were real threads
in the tapestry of our lives
meaning and purpose are assigned


Look! There – see that bird?
Flying, wings unfettered…

Seed of Winter

Seed of Winter

When the grays go on for days
punctuated only with drizzle and splash
and life has taken to cozying up in corners
to ward off the cold
then after a while I take it personally
in my mind
This time of retreat bears
a gift of warmth inside
the tiny seed of expanding hope
in my heart

The Pond of Life’s Stillness

Near the meadow
by the pond
there’s a large rock I lay on
When the sun sneaks
through the trees
to warm the rock and my bones
Mosses bright and tinkling spring
turtle warms herself, too
And deer, when I am still,
stops to drink it in
The serenity of this place
graces my quiet moments
even if only a second long
Zebra World

Zebra World

Zebra world
all black and white
an attitude
a way of thinking
Zebra world
surrounded by brilliant green
on Earth of red and yellow
and blue above
butterflies bright
rich life available to all
There is a place for all
no matter how they think