Dance of Life

In the cosmic dance
the partners swing out
away from each other
Then, like magnets
are drawn back together
in a great spiral
The Earth she is returning
to the light that is our Father
Blessed be the
dance of Life


Many bubbles attached
to each other
Like a chain of mail
or a gathering of
adolescent girlfriends
Each complete within itself
some floating free
most huddled together
Ah, such are our lives!
See the rainbows?

She Changes Everything…

“She changes everything touches…
and everything She touches changes…”

Scurrying like a rabbit
up through fairy-lit mountain passes
rain and wind and trees dancing
The rainbow got more brilliant
with attention doubled
interacting traveling, too
And, as an exclamation point
lightening struck right through
the middle of the colors
In a circle of friends, wild hair flying
arms entwined as they communed
their voices rang out
A cacophony in unison
and the world shifted
in the blink of a miracle

A Circle of Life

She knew she had arrived
for as she entered the meadow
her insides lit up
Dragonflies and butterflies
birds, porcupines, and deer
all greeted her
As they arrived in ones and twos
and some in family groups
in a lilting silence
filled with happy sound
alive with happy possibilities
A circle of life gathered
collecting the hearts
into a chorus of celebration
awakening intentional joy

Elder’s Journey

As the old man
looked at the “problem”
once again with the eyes of a child
All of creation
circled around
to facilitate
the moment’s miracle
• • •
The elder instills wisdom
Still within
even as the busy mind
monkeys around with knowledge