Daily Choice

Daily Choice

I choose joy
I have deep joy in my heart
I am guided by
 joy in my heart
I cherish Great Spirit’s
expression of joy
through me
Mom Joy
You can always grow 
into laugh lines
the riverbeds
of daily choice

Fear’s Surrender

Flipping through choices
like a rolodex gone awry
Amazed, eyes glazed over
overwhelmed by abundance
Scared rabbit
deer in the headlights
In that moment
peace rises to the top


When walking with aplomb
or skipping just for fun
you can know you are the one
just ambulating along
Still, what if on a train
or flying in a plane?
I’m just trying to explain
the theory’s still not wrong
Muscles, bones, and feet
your own mind and physical feats
even when jet fuel or diesel meet
by your own choice you move along

as Life keeps moving on…


 In the midst of change, choices mark the crossroads I have traversed.

Life Takes Over

Life just takes over
like a speeding car
with a stuck accelerator
And , then I breathe
Here is the apex moment
where the choice arises
Fight in fear and anger
or surrender to God
And, then I breathe
Centering in being and doing
what I am guided to do

And life takes over…