Loquacious Child

Loquacious Child

Even in the most complicated
where multiple considerations
intertwine into complexities
yet undetermined
whether beauteous or mundane
every present still
the loquacious child
babbling on incessantly
making sense of all
speaking only as a means of safe
protection from the dangerous 
silence puffered up
lurkers tip-toe like prancing 
rhinos or clogging clowns
who cares the well place metaphor
when gusts the saddened face
when bottoms fall out like anchors
from in that unsafe place
tell me, did I land on sacred ground?
And so, and so my cranium grates
in grateful pleasant
saturated with sweetness
and a slight taste of bitter
yet and still but not so much
in all that destiny



Like cavorting dolphins
they flowed through life
seemingly carefree
With unabashed abandon
poking at turtles
and elbowing whales
•  •  •
Exuberance abounds
in my heart of hearts
When we allow our little kids
from inside into outside
to cavort and play
Monkey Fun

Monkey Fun

Monkey fun
in trees and out
Up the branch
and jiggly stem
Silly and free
we play with squirrels
and eat fruit
——–  ————  ————-

Oooh – banana

Oooh, oooh – banana!