Spring’s Breath

Spring’s Breath

When in the garden fallow
Twig and leaf are dead

It’s time to cut and trim, dig and prod
Preparing for the lovely breath of Spring

In the winter of my memories
Where feelings lay unsaid
And frosty numbness veils

Life within, still seeking
Is poked and tethered dead
With sharp and pointed emotions

Let’s trim away, instead
The rot, the used and spent
For our spirit’s Spring 
Once again to joyously blossom

Turning Your Wait

A Child’s Lesson in four directions
(Who wants to just stanza?)
Twirly-queue wandering
from here to there and back again
Ballerinas on point
and clowns with noses
whirling and running around
willy-nilly, according to their own discipline
Everyone waiting for logic to set in
common sense to take control
meanwhile, the winds of change
keep blowing–flipping circumstances
And the landscape surprises
at most every turn

Change. Happens.

Oops!  A change!
It happens without warning sometimes….
Like the bud popping open
the moment of conception
or the flash of epiphany
Change.  Happens.
Oh, what a glorious ride
(Life = Change)
Flowing along
in the eternal 
now moment of change

New Patterns

Flapping in the wind
her web is flapping
That human didn’t notice
in her unconsciousness
And destroyed
a full days work
Hmm, spider wonders,
could I create a different
pattern this time….?

Old Habits

Returning to the old landscape
the landmarks were familiar

The faces of déjà vous
had not quite the same expression

The paths were worn
but adjusted to new configurations

Old habits die hard
still it’s easiest to tread lightly
on forgotten pathways

As if exploring for the first time
new joys await around the next bend