Soul Gifts

Our gifts are meant
to stretch our capabilities
And stretching is
always a challenge!
So, be attentive
to your soul’s joy
Let your soul’s delight
be your compass
In Love, it’s begun…

Finding Joy

The sophisticated climate
in the room with Auntie Mae
prods the rebellious spirits
like squirrels come out to play
It’s the nature of the child
in the company of my aunt
to break free of her stuffiness
and her rules that say, “You can’t”
In a field of possibilities
on the path up to the rise
it’s the squeezy places that inspire
for there, we’re forced to think it twice
May you find the joy in any challenges today!

A Better Place

It’s a better place, we live in
we breathe in, we create in
we expand in
It’s a better place
than even yesterday
because we are who we are
And you make it fun
and we’re real and we dance
through our challenges
With love
unconditional love…

Essence of Life

Ever think about
how life is a challenge?
it is the essence of it
Yet, under that
is the Source – Love
What else
would Love do?

The Bumpy Road

Traveling on the bumpy road
of Happy Destiny
I came upon
a sleeping rhinoceros
harboring a sweet dream smile
in a most un-rhinoceros way
I’ve heard of letting sleeping dogs lie
and I’ve seen an elephant in the room
Still, what’s the proper procedure
when rhino’s dream?