Blessed Gardener

The gardener tends each tendril
for hours and hours
Weeding out some
so the preferred may grow
Lovingly nurturing, tying and feeding
watering and talking
instilling nutrients sublime
And now, the fruits of labor
sweet and succulent
green and rich
Ah, a blessed life
for the one who blesses life
with hand and effort

time and toil


Oh, the merry go round goes round
and we go up and down

And though the world
does not revolve around me
I am centered in my own being

Over and around and through
I am uplifted, supported and floating

On the abundance
of everything good

Child at Play

Once in a while or a day
it’s a great idea to play
to stand things on their head
or turn them around instead

Imagine, if you will
the surprises that can arise
when, with flow, you flex and turn
yet centered, in Spirit still

Whence the bottom becomes top
and the world, it flip flops
Let the child in you be awake
for the joy of it, for goodness sake…

Silence in the Center

Serene in the face of gossip
Awake in the wake of war
At peace in the midst of violence
One in a group of many
To be in the middle of doing
Silence in the center of cacophany
Joy in the heart of sadness
Grace, the seed inside disdain
Love, throughout all

Once more

Once more
once again
one more time
He centered in Spirit
and moved on..