Spiral Hug

Spiraling in
into center
until centered in
the void that is All
and nothing, in peace
a peaceful – piece full
Spiraling out 
to infinity
to All 
ad infinitum
Love expressing

in one big hug

The Point

Around and around
Spiraling around in tighter
And tighter circles
Closing in on the point
Sneaking up on it, so to speak
It’s amazing
that conversations like that
Touch on the point
And head back out
Without anyone getting injured
On the sharp point
Still, for that moment,
It stood there
In plain view
Clarity of mind

Sharp as a tack…

Spirit Seed

At the center
Of the daisy
Just like the sunflower
Is the seed for more
More Spirit
Manifest as daisy
At your center
Is the seed
For more Spirit
Manifest as you

Let them grow!

Center of the Heart

Far and away
the most important sound
is that of the heartbeat
at the center of the universe
Where is the center of infinity?
Right here, right now
Stand clear
essence of unconditional love
coming through
I am Love