Spontaneous inspiration overtook
the overlooked corners of our psyche
awakening the inner jukebox
There’s a lightness to the step
of the person who is kept
on toes of celebration
of joyous conversation


A Circle of Life

She knew she had arrived
for as she entered the meadow
her insides lit up
Dragonflies and butterflies
birds, porcupines, and deer
all greeted her
As they arrived in ones and twos
and some in family groups
in a lilting silence
filled with happy sound
alive with happy possibilities
A circle of life gathered
collecting the hearts
into a chorus of celebration
awakening intentional joy

Tender Secret

May your heart rejoice
and be glad in every moment today
Like a tender secret
let your joyousness dwell

in your heart


One more day
Singing in the morning
Awakening to the joy
Before the rest of the day unfolds
It tints everything
A rosy warm
Even when it’s cloudy
Life is a celebration!

All Hallows

Calling in our ancestors
awakening the connection

Asking for their blessing
as we honor them
with ceremony, celebration
and food from last harvest


The veil is thin as we pray
betwixt only faintly disguised

Let us put out soul cakes
as we pray for all those
who walked before us